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Your qualified wholesale for
hunting accessories, sport shooting and outdoor supplies.

Our extensive range of hunting supplies.

As a wholesaler, we have been offering a wide range of products to hunters and marksmen for more than 100 years. Our range includes, among other things: thermal imaging and night vision technology, rifle scopes, weapon accessories, shooting sports supplies, hunting knives, hunting ground equipment, equipment for game recovery and game dressing, as well as for trophy processing and dog accessories. Home accessories and high-quality gift items related to hunting complete our range.

Our products are sold through specialist retailers. You can find a dealer near you here.

Hunting accessories, shooting and outdoor supplies

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Night Vision Clip-on Device PARD NV007SP 850nm

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Thermal imager PARD TA32-LRF

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Thermal imager PARD FT32 LRF

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Friday 21.04.2023, 12:16

New in the program - HQS Silencers

HQS silencers are quite great

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High-quality equipment from Lichtenfels, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany for ambitious hunters, nature lovers, animal watchers and marksmen. Professional optics products at the cutting edge of technology in the field of thermal imaging and night vision - attachments, clip-on devices and observation devices, rifle scopes, red dot sights and binoculars. Here we represent, among others, the following brands: Guide, Pard, Sightmark, Firefield, Olivon.

We offer equipment for hunting such as rifle slings, gun bags, gun cases, pistol cases, ammunition boxes, cartridge belts, hunting knives, pocket knives, among others from Victorinox, Böker, Outdoor Edge. We are outfitters for hunting ground equipment of hunting chairs, stands, Walkstools, rucksacks - also silent, game calls and attractants, deterrents, Attratec, game dragging aids, and dressing tools, wildlife cameras, Reviermanager.

In addition, we offer everything to do with guns, from the Raven carbon stock to Ballistol and Brunox and various cleaning supplies. For sports shooters we offer H&N airgun ammunition, bullet traps, shooting ranges, hearing protection, shooting vests, marksmen's targets and wooden plaques.

You will find everything around the dog from leashes, Biothane, collars, safety vests, signal collars, dummies, training buck and dog whistle. We can also equip you for processing trophies with trophy shield, mounting clamp, wild boar tusk cover plate - oak leaves and trophy bleach.

In addition, we have gift items, jars with engraving, beer mugs, pewter beer mugs, cups, bottle openers, greeting cards, antler candelabra, napkins, hat pins, tuft sleeves, hat feathers, suspenders.